10 Things to Message About That *Aren’t* COVID-Related

From Bumble’s Dating 101 in 2021 guide.

These days, it can feel like there’s literally nothing to talk about except the pandemic. Whether we’re discussing the ways it’s impacting our own lives or the world, the number of days until vaccines are widely available, or the first things we’re going to do when the pandemic is over, COVID seems to take center stage in many of our conversations—especially when that conversation is with someone we don’t know well.

While all of those are worthwhile topics, sometimes, it’s good to just…talk about something else. Discussing something besides COVID can bring a palpable rush of energy and fun into a conversation, especially when you’re getting to know someone new. So try a few of the conversation starters below with your Bumble match. The news will still be there when you’re done, we promise.

Were Ross and Rachel on a Break? Reminisce about your fave ‘90s nostalgia TV, be it Friends or Seinfeld

Go-to GIFS and Memes. Empty your Camera Roll and compare. You might discover a hilarious new TikTok or two!

What’s Your Jeopardy! Category? Everyone has a trivia sweet spot! Are you a classic car buff? Are they an astrology whiz? 

Share Your Virtual Mixtapes. Ask about their first ever concert, or swap your current favorite playlists. (Bumble pro-tip: link Spotify to your profile to find your music match.)

Best (or Worst) Prank. Is there something you’ve done in your life that you’d never do again? Spark convos about high school hijinks gone wrong!

Exchange Travel Tales. Compare your most memorable travel experiences. What’s the most beautiful place you’ve visited? The most bizarre? 

AOL Memories. What was your first screen name? Or your go-to away message? Bonus points if you’re willing to admit the silliest AIM drama you got into (hours after your parents told you to log off, naturally).

Kitchen Confidential. Reveal your weirdest food quirk—everyone has one. Do you dip crackers into ketchup? Do you eat your pizza with a fork and knife?

Karaoke Classics. Admit your karaoke go-tos—the ones you belt out the second you have a mic in your hand. Are you more of a “Don’t Stop Believin’” type, or a “Wannabe” fanatic?

Get Crushed Out. Who was your very first celebrity crush? (It’s okay if the answer is Simba from Lion King, no judgments here.)