What to Know About Dating an Aries

By Amelia Quint

When you enter a new relationship, getting to know your partner can be an exciting but daunting challenge. Fortunately, astrology may help! Your date’s star sign can reveal a lot about their partnership preferences, from the way they flirt and communicate to what makes them feel supported in love. Here’s what you need to know when it comes to Aries and love.

What’s it like to date an Aries?

The initial thing you may notice if you’re dating an Aries is that they’re direct and confident. They’ll usually take the lead and initiate the conversation, jumping right in with an excellent Bumble opening line that’s straight to the point. They can’t resist a good dare and will dive headfirst into a connection that they’re excited about. As the first sign of the zodiac, there’s something thrilling for them about “firsts,” whether that’s a first date, first kiss, or another major milestone. You’ll want to continually up the ante together as you go on more dates, seeking out fresh experiences that allow you to experience something new with one another on a regular basis.

If you pique the attention of an Aries, expect things to move fast! They thrive on quick responses and are always rushing forward in pursuit of what’s next both in romance and life in general. One way to keep them interested is to strike up a friendly competition that you can keep going from date to date. Maybe you have an ongoing rivalry at your local trivia night, or challenge one another to achieve a personal goal each week, like going for a run. They love to win, and doing it together makes the victory even sweeter.

What’s an Aries like in a relationship?

Aries is happiest with a partner who supports their goals and wants to take on the world with them. It’s an unapologetically ambitious sign, and for things to work out long-term, they need a companion who can help them launch themselves towards their next goal and isn’t intimidated by their success. They work hard and often, and the ideal mate for an Aries champions those efforts. Plus, they want to know that you’re doing the same in your own life too. But the biggest factor in compatibility with an Aries is finding someone who respects their independence as the relationship evolves. They’re at their best when paired up with someone who understands that their “me time” isn’t frivolous—it’s an essential part of their self-care.

Some zodiac signs thrive on consistency and a stable foundation, but for Aries compatibility, passion is essential. More than most, they’re motivated by the buzzy feeling that you get from sending a flirtatious text or doing something audacious. They crave excitement in their relationships, and sometimes the zodiac’s rams will lock horns for what and who they love. Make sure your discussions don’t veer too far into debate territory by finding a playful outlet for that fighting spirit, like a couple’s game night.

What zodiac signs is an Aries compatible with?

Most compatible: fire and air signs

Aries love compatibility sizzles with fellow fire signs Leo and Sagittarius. Leo and Aries are amazing in the spotlight together (karaoke night, anyone?), while Sagittarius and Aries both love going on adventures. When it comes to dating, they all crave spontaneity and a little bit of glamor, including the rush of a last-minute deal on a trip together or a wild night that you’ll tell stories about for weeks or even years to come. 

Air signs also make great matches for Aries, thanks to their easy-breezy approach to life. Social Gemini loves the energy Aries brings to their circle of friends, while Aquarius and Aries bring out one another’s inner rebel in the best way possible. 

Less compatible: cardinal signs

It’s no secret that Aries loves to be in charge, and when they’re paired with other cardinal signs—the zodiac’s natural leaders—things can get a little intense. Aries needs a lot more solo time than their opposite sign, Libra, which can be tough to balance, while their default boldness can sometimes cause Cancer to retreat into their shell. Aries shares a strong career focus with Capricorn, but if their professional trajectories diverge, their relationship may as well. Even so, Aries can always pour their signature determination into finding a solution that’s healthy for both partners!

The bottom line for dating an Aries

If you’re looking for a partner who’s going to push you to be your best self, Aries is your ideal match. They’ve got big dreams and are at their best when they’re paired up with someone who’s just as driven. With their unflappable support in even the most challenging situations, it’ll be so much easier for you to stay motivated and emerge victorious. You’ll dare one another to do and be more than you were the day before. One thing’s for sure: your relationship with Aries will always be exciting.