Inspired by the Climate Strike? Here’s How You Can Join In

Here at Bumble, we’ve long been believers that young women are going to change the world, but never more than during the Global Climate Strike. On September 20, millions took to the streets of cities and towns on every continent to demand immediate action to combat climate change — all led by one 16-year-old girl.

Sweden’s Greta Thunberg never expected to lead a revolution, but perhaps it’s appropriate that she should. Gender equality is a critical piece in addressing climate change; empowering women and girls could prove a top solution to the planet’s current crisis.

Project Drawdown, a global climate resource, lists educating girls among its top 100 solutions to stop our world from warming to catastrophic levels. In a TEDWomen talk in 2018, environmentalist Katharine Wilkinson detailed the ways that lifting up the voices of women and girls can help combat climate change.

Read the list, watch the talk — and keep an eye out here and in the Bumble app for ways to help on your own campus, or in your town or city. We’ll be bringing communities together in the coming weeks and months for volunteer events aimed at keeping our planet green. 

To learn more about Greta Thunberg’s Fridays for Future campaign and to join, see here