Bumble Partners with The Dialogue To Make the Internet Safer for Women in India

At Bumble, the safety of our community is our highest priority and the very heart of our mission. Since the company’s inception nearly a decade ago, we’ve worked to tackle the epidemic of gender-based violence online, introducing features like Private Detector to help shield women from harassment and working with nonprofit partners, like Bloom, which provides support to abuse survivors. 

In India, we’ve partnered with The Dialogue, a public policy think tank based in New Delhi, to support their research aimed at creating a safer internet for women. With our support, The Dialogue has published a report called #BreakTheSilo: Streamlining Gender Safety in the Digital Space—and launched a framework to build public discourse towards tackling technology-facilitated gender-based violence, known as TFGBV. 

The Dialogue’s research revealed that while a number of organisations, policymakers, and nonprofits have been working to tackle online violence against women, interventions have been fragmented, and the focus disproportionate. To tackle this, the report introduces a comprehensive framework that outlines harms taking place at various stages, often interrelated: access; prevention; intervention; response and redressal; and recovery and research. It’s our joint aim that this new framework helps enable a more unified, holistic approach to tackling the scourge of TFGBV.

Bumble will support The Dialogue as it holds consultations with policymakers and experts, using a victim-survivor centric approach to handling online violence against women in India.

Download the full report here.