Bumble Success Story: Viv + Wyatt

Below is Viv and Wyatt’s story, as told by Viv!

“Once upon a time, there was a gal name Viv who moved all the way from St. Louis to New York City to follow her dreams of living in The Big Apple. Her entire life, she was nicknamed “Ms. Independent” because she didn’t need no man to provide for her or make her happy.

‘How does one find a good man in this big city?’ she wondered. She was told by her peers that the key is through mutual friends, pure luck, or Bumble. ‘Hmmmm,’ she thought, ‘which one to choose?’ The bar scene didn’t work, besides a few successful make out sessions. She decided to take a hard pass on mutual friends. She guessed the only option left for this busy bee was to try Bumble. 

After a few swipes left and a few swipes right, Viv realized Bumble was fun! It definitely helped that New York apparently has the largest pool of gorgeous, successful men to choose from in the world. Viv wasn’t necessarily hunting for her Prince Charming; she just wanted to have a little fun and meet new people in the city. 

Many mouthwatering meals, delicious drinks, and delightful dates later, she stumbled onto a man named Wyatt. She was intrigued by his dark hair, blue eyes, and thick mustache.

Their first encounter occurred at Pera Soho. Viv was impressed by Wyatt’s listening skills, restaurant/bar choices, and the many things they had in common. However, Viv had kissed many frogs. She wanted to wait and see if this one had the potential to be her prince. Don’t get it twisted – yes, they were attracted to each other and yes, the date went well, but sparks did not fly.

Like Viv always says, “Second time’s the charm.”

Wyatt and Viv decide to give a second date a try because why the F not. It was a hit! Love was in the air, and Viv had never been more in love and infatuated with anyone in her entire life. “Ms. Independent” finally turned over a new leaf when she realized she could allow herself to depend on someone.  

However, don’t think for a second she’s not taking care of herself and handling business while successfully making Wyatt happy, and having him doing the same for her. 

Viv and Wyatt are now coming up on six months together. They can’t wait to see what 2017 holds!

In Viv’s spare time, she does mini Snapchat stories giving her top tricks and tips to navigating Bumble. Of course, Wyatt records them because he thinks she’s hilarious and enjoys helping her friends and the world find love. 

Viv and Wy plan to make major strides in interracial dating AND educating people so they’re not afraid of online dating. You never know where it might take you!”

Thank you so much to Viv and Wyatt for sharing your story with us! We’re so happy for you!

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