Bumble Success Story: Melodee + Lawson

Below is the happy couple’s story as told by Melodee! 

“I work as a traveling occupational therapist and have spent my last few assignments in very small towns. The people I was hanging out with were typically over 50. My best friend, Katie, decided that on my next 13 week assignment, I needed to spend more time with people my own age. 

I downloaded Bumble intending to use BumbleBFF, but because BFF was so new and I was in such a small town (40,000 people), BFF didn’t have anyone in my area. I switched to Bumble and wrote in my bio that I was strictly looking for friends. Lawson was my second match. He was in town for two weeks and we had a lot in common (like both being from the midwest). My brain was like, ‘YES! Someone I can have a beer with and drop a swear word in here and there!’

Melody, what was your first move on Bumble?

He didn’t have any info in his profile, so I messaged him: “How is a girl supposed to start a conversation if you have nothing in your bio?” 

How long did you talk before meeting up?

I made the first move really soon after we matched. After that, we sent a few messages back and forth that same day, and ended up going on a hike that weekend! I was going strictly to hang out with someone my own age – no makeup, no cute clothes, hair in a ponytail. 

What was the first date like?

He picked me up from my place and came to my door (always a good move). Then he opened my car door for me. (Can you say SWOON?) On our drive, we discovered we had the same taste in music and during our hike down the canyon, our conversation was super easy and comfortable. When we got to the bottom of the canyon, we sat in the secluded canyon area with our toes in the water, locked eyes and kissed. Everything was so surreal. Long story short, he was such a gentleman and so romantic. He swept me off my feet. 

And after that?

We had an amazing weekend together and I cried saying goodbye to him. I had never liked someone so much and so quickly before. I was thinking, “What if he’s my person?” We gave it a go, spending as much time with one another as possible. 

My new assignment is much closer to Chicago (where Lawson lives) and I’m looking for my next assignment to be even closer. In the meantime, we’re still going strong and I couldn’t be happier Thank you so much for leading me to someone who now has such a big part of my heart!”

Thank you so much to Melodee and Lawson for sharing your story with us. We’re so happy for you! 

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