Bumble Success Story: Andy & Anna

Andy & Anna’s story, as told by the happy couple…

Our engagement happened fairly quickly. You grow up hearing “when you know, you know!” but I never understood it until now. After 4 months of dating, Andy had a plan to propose to me on a hike. We would hike up to the top of a mountain where he would propose. But being the person that I am, I had decided to try running for a week and messed up my knee and could barely walk, much less hike. So on March 26th, when visiting my parents, we decided to visit a little town nearby. I told him the way to go, but said he wanted to go a different way up a mountain range. As we were winding through the mountains, he pulled off at an overlook and he insisted that we should get out to take pictures. I took a few and while I was looking through them, I looked down and Andy was on one knee!

Our wedding was a small intimate celebration in the mountains of North Carolina on June 17th. My dream was to always get married underneath trees on a cool evening. Then, rather than an elaborate reception, I would have a dinner at a long table with all my closest loved ones. We were blessed to be able to do just that. Long runners of eucalyptus ran their way down the wooden tables while the seats filled with the ones we hold dear. Gathered together like a family dinner. It truly was perfect and, if I may be predictable: magical. We still talk about how perfect it all was. 

Andy, what stood out about Anna’s profile?

Her bio was so unique: she mentioned her love of Lord of the Rings, traveling and her love of dad humor. So, of course that stood out, and I had to see if it was true! 

Anna, what stood out about Andy’s profile?

He said he was a custom furniture builder and his pictures had him covered in sawdust – he looked like the longest brother of Marcus Mumford from Mumford and Sons. His other pictures were from his travels. So he seemed like a lumberjack/folk-band/world traveler, which, if I had to write down on paper what my type would be, it would be a lumberjack/folk-band/world traveler. 

Anna, what was your first move on Bumble?

“Hey there, fellow adventurer!” 

Where was your first date?

Andy met me in the town I was currently living in. We went for coffee and ended up walking around town for three hours just talking, getting to know one another. At the very end, we had dinner at a little southern restaurant, then he walked me to my car. 

Thank you so much for sharing your story with us – we are so happy for you two! Congratulations and so much love from the Hive! 

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