6 Bumble Profile Pro Tips to Stand Out

Make your Bumble profile stand out

Now that you’ve made the first move and signed up for Bumble, we’re here to help you make your profile as eye-catching as possible. No matter what kind of connection you’re looking for, you’ll have the most success by using Bumble’s many features to capture who you really are.

We know the struggle: Figuring out which photos to use and how to talk about yourself in your bio can be hard. After all, a few well-chosen photos and a well-timed joke could be the catalyst for your next true love, fling, or lifelong friendship. Want proof? Just check out our many Bumble Success Stories.

If you’re ready to start seeing the right swipes roll in, check out our top tips to make your profile the best it can be.

1. Make your first photo stand out

Your first photo is your first impression– so make it your best. We’ve found that showing off your smile, your eyes (without sunglasses), and your whole face (without a filter) is best practice. Make sure it’s just you in this first photo so your potential matches to know who they’re swiping on–and save the group shots for later photos.

2. Keep your highlight reel real

While it can be tempting to use that ultra-flattering photo from 2015, it’s best to post recent pictures that look like you. Avoiding filters and highly edited photos will serve you in the long run. After all, if you and a match hit it off they’re going to catch all your angles eventually.

3. Show and tell

Your photos are also a great way to signal your lifestyle while saving you precious bio space. If you’re the outdoorsy type, include a pic of you hiking or hammocking. If your cat is the center of your world, pop in a selfie with them. Diversifying your pics not only helps you draw in the right people, but it also creates ways for a match to start the conversation (or to keep it going!).

4. Less is not more

If you only take one thing from this article, it’s this: Fill in your About Me! The more content you have, the more likely your matches will have something thoughtful to say. You can use this space to talk more about what you’re into or what you’re looking for on Bumble, but we recommend keeping this part positive. That means talking about what you do like instead of wasting space on what you don’t. It’s also a great place to throw in a joke or a flirty pickup line. 

5. Get specific

Lots of people are fun, outgoing, adventurous, love to travel, or enjoy being active. Give specific examples or anecdotes to set yourself apart from other daters. If you like to cook, what’s your favorite dish to make? Where can you be found on Sunday funday? If you have a dog, what’s their name? Work these details in to create a more colorful narrative of what you’re actually like.

6. Ask a trusted friend

Our final piece of advice: Call for backup! Sometimes we can be our own worst critics, and our friends can help us highlight the things we might miss. Ask them how they might describe you, or have them tell you the things about you that stand out the most. Then allow your closest confidants to help select some great photos.

Now that you’ve got all our best advice, it’s time to put these tricks to the test. Good luck!