10 Friend Date Ideas for Plans on Bumble For Friends

The more the merrier, as the saying goes—and with Plans on Bumble For Friends, you can expect just that. Plans is here to help you connect with like-minded folks nearby to get group chats going, and IRL plans scheduled. But what activity should you choose? Something sporty and outdoorsy? Or something a bit more cultured and artsy? Don’t sweat it. Read on for ten group activity ideas that will have you well on your way to creating your first meetup using Plans on Bumble For Friends. 

See some live music

Struggling to find anyone else who’s into that niche band you like? If they’re coming to town, use Plans to set up a meetup on Bumble For Friends to find other people who know all the words too. You’ll immediately have something in common, and there’s nothing quite like screaming your favorite lyrics at the top of your lungs with fellow fans.

Play a ball game in the park

No one wants to be throwing a ball at a wall to pass the time. Get a group together on Bumble For Friends to take advantage of a sunny day and head down to the park for a game. Whether it’s soccer, dodgeball, or volleyball, you’ll have a great time getting to know new people over a bit of friendly competition. Who knows, you might have a team set up before you know it! 

Arrange a pot-luck picnic

Continuing with the outdoorsy theme, a pot-luck picnic makes for a great group activity. You can use the chat feature in Plans to arrange who’s bringing what, so there’s no stress about five people bringing guac and no chips. It’s a casual setting to get to know new friends, and the perfect way to find out more about everyone’s tastes.

Get tickets to the movie theater 

Sitting in silence for two hours might not sound like much of a group activity, but it’s the debrief after seeing the latest blockbuster movie that makes this the perfect IRL get together. You can chat about your character crushes, favorite plot points, and whether the sequel was better than the original. It’s a fun way to find out what makes your new friends laugh, what makes them cry, and what your shared opinions are. 

Visit a bowling alley

There’s a reason why bowling has been around forever: the classic team game is an easy way to get together and get your new friendships off to a flying start. Celebrate the strikes, commiserate over the gutterballs, and by the time the game’s up, you’ll all have learned a lot about how everyone deals with a little friendly competition!  

Organize a workout class and brunch 

Getting your sweat on during your favorite exercise class with new pals is a great way to get those endorphins rushing. Bond by spinning to the same beat—or obsessing over your favorite instructor’s playlist. Replenish afterward by getting brunch nearby, giving you the perfect opportunity to get to know each other more—and book the next class together. 

Head to a board game cafe

Whether your group has two players or ten, board games are an easy go-to activity for getting a gang together. Board game cafes offer a wide range of different games, so there’s something for everyone! Introduce friends to your childhood favorite, or discover a new, quirky obsession together.

Find a festival  

Get your glitter and tasseled jackets ready! There’s nothing more exciting than banding together with some buddies for a day or two of live music, comedy, and food. Find a festival nearby or venture further afield and use Plans to meet people who share your vibe. You can split off to different stages, and come back to chat about new artists you’ve discovered—and where the cleanest facilities are. 

Start a book club

Just like watching a movie, half the fun of reading a book is the discussions you can have with your pals after. Loved the cliffhanger? Hated the ending? Use Plans to set up a book club and find friends who love a crime thriller just as much as you do. You’ll have plenty of book-based conversation starters ready to go, and it’s an easy event to organize on a regular basis if things go well!

Book a paint and sip

Feeling artsy? Whether someone counts themselves as a Picasso or it’s their first time picking up a paintbrush, a paint and sip is a group activity that people of all levels can get involved with. You’ll be able to chat to each other while you paint, and marvel (or have a giggle) at each other’s creations afterward. You can decide if you’re in the mood for wine alongside your works of art, or serve up some chai tea for the group.