Bumble BFF Meetup Ideas

Planning a meetup with your Bumble For Friends match, but not quite sure what to do together? We feel you. You can definitely stick to the classic coffee shop meetup, but if you’re feeling more adventurous, we have five fun ideas for your next #frienddate that are a little more creative!

1. Go For A Hike

Fresh air! Views! A little bit of sweating! Few things will help you bond with your new nature-loving BFF match than a scenic hike. Pro tip: Pack a lunch and plenty of water. (And if you’re feeling festive, a little boxed wine as a reward for all that exercise.)

2. Plan a Beach Day or Picnic

If the weather is too good not to take advantage but fitness activities seem a little too ambitious, plan a picnic or a relaxing beach day! Don’t forget a portable speaker for tunes, a deck of cards, and plenty of snacks.

3. Go to a Bar with Games and Activities

Did you know that it’s actually scientifically impossible to have a bad time at a bar if they have a shuffleboard table? Or darts? Or Buck Hunter? It’s true. Meet up with your match and experience the kind of bonding that only a game of oversized Jenga can solidfy.

There’s something about museums and art galleries that never fails to inspire interesting conversation. Once you’ve checked the culture box, find a nearby coffee shop so you can figure out how you each like your coffee and decide whether or not you should split a donut or a chocolate croissant. (Just kidding, you’re definitely getting both.)

5. Take a Painting or Cooking Class

Sure, it might sound like a bold choice for a first “date,” but that’s why we love it. Plus, painting and cooking classes almost always involve drinking wine. Really, what’s not to love about this meetup idea?