Bumble BFF Helped This Dynamic Duo Find Their Full-Fledged Squad

After nearly connecting a handful of fateful times — from touring and nearly attending the same college years ago to going to different classes at the same local gym — a couple of right swipes finally gave Fort Worth dwellers Brooke and McKenzie the friendship they’d been looking for.

Following a fabulous first meet up, both girls felt that their BFF status was meant to be — but they didn’t stop there. Fast-forward a few matches later, and Brooke and McKenzie had rounded out their new crew with fellow Bumble BFF-ers Kelsey and Lauren.

To read more about this friends-at-first-swipe story, check out what these ladies have to say about their BFF experience below! 

What made you interested in one another’s profile?

Brooke: She had a picture in her profile of her at the lake with a pizza float. I love pizza and being in the water, so I thought, “I could totally hang out with this girl!”

McKenzie: Brooke mentions in her profile that she went to Elon University. It’s a pretty small school that not everyone has heard of, but it was the first school I visited where I could picture being a student there! I didn’t end up going, but I thought there was a good chance Brooke and I could be likeminded people!

What did you initially say to each other on the app?

McKenzie: We kept to the basics at first. We talked about what brought us to Fort Worth, our jobs, and where we live in town. That led us to realizing that we worked out at the same Orange Theory Gym but had never taken a class together! It was very casual, easy conversation, so we met up pretty quickly from there. 

What did you do the first time you hung out?

Brooke:  We went to one of my favorite spots in town: Max’s Wine Dive. We had so much fun chatting and getting to know each other that we were there for hours! After a bottle of wine each, and countless shared appetizers, I left excited to keep hanging out.

How did you know you were going to be BFFs?

McKenzie: I knew after our first meet up that we were going to be BFFs. I had just gotten out of a relationship and our BFF meet up was the first time I felt like myself again. It was the very first BFF date I had been on so I expected one glass of wine and some mildly awkward conversation. I had never gone on any meet ups or dates from an app before, so I definitely didn’t expect it to lead to the relationship we have now!

How did your friendships grow after using Bumble BFF?

Brooke: A couple months after I had met McKenzie, I matched with another girl named Kelsey. When Kelsey and I met up, our husbands also came — which was lots of fun. We hung out for a few hours eating tacos and drinking margaritas. We had so much fun chatting about all things travel, bonding over the fact that we both had new puppies. Soon I invited Kelsey out and we met up with McKenzie and her other Bumble BFF friend Lauren — and the four of us have been hanging out ever since! 

Where are you now?

McKenzie: We are living our best Fort Worth lives! Our BFF status is strengthened by the fact that we’re both up for anything that could lead to a fun adventure. We’ve done champagne tastings, nights at the rodeo, finished a 5k, and have a standing Bachelor night with our extended BFF girl squad. We are constantly planning new things to do, and currently a girls trip to San Diego or Mexico is in the works along with training for a 10k! #fortworthit