The Best Galentine’s Day Dates Based on Astrological Signs

By Amelia Quint

Unsure of what to suggest when asking your newest Bumble For Friends connection to hang out on Galentine’s Day (or, honestly, any other day)? Maybe you don’t really know how to take the friendship offline by doing something that appeals to the both of you? Fret not, here are some zodiac-inspired suggestions for the best possible activities to do based on your astrological signs. Follow this guide, and you’ll find the fastest, most natural way to get to know your newest friend. 

Aries | Truth-or-dare

As the first sign of the zodiac, your friends also count on you to be the first one in line to do something wild. You love a good dare, so call up your clique for a good, old-fashioned game of truth-or-dare, as you’re bound to think of creative dares that keep the party going. You and the air signs (especially Gemini and Aquarius) bond over a shared love of gossip, even if it’s just which celebrity you’ve had a crush on since high school. Nothing says friendship like a few semi-embarrassing reveals and plenty of laughs!

Taurus | Old-school slumber party

Pack your sleeping bags and make sure you bring plenty of cookie dough, because there’s no better way to get to know your new friends like an old-school slumber party. Don’t hesitate to dress in your nighttime best, because we all know your sign loves loungewear! It’s also the perfect space to open up emotionally with each other, especially to water signs like Cancer and Pisces. Late-night conversations can mark the beginning of an important new chapter for everyone involved. Flashlights and ghost stories are optional, but strongly encouraged!

Gemini | Karaoke night

If you’re trying to befriend a fire sign like Leo, Sagittarius, or Aries (and, let’s face it, you probably are), getting them on stage is one of the fastest ways to their heart. Hit up a karaoke night or, even better, book a private karaoke room for you and your crew. You’ll get to flaunt your pop-culture knowledge, and they’ll get to show off their impressive rendition of a stone-cold classic. By the end of the night, everyone wins!

Cancer | Take a class

You’re the zodiac’s homebody, so if you’re going to venture out into the world, you need to feel like you’re being productive. Taking a class can be a great way to socialize while learning something new, as well as giving you and your Bumble For Friends connection a shared goal to bond over. Try your hand at a Cancer classic, like cooking or handmade crafts. Pro tip: you’re most likely to hit it off with practical earth signs (especially Virgo) who appreciate your straightforward approach to friendship!

You love to see and be seen, so a public event is the ideal outing for taking a friendship to the next level. Grab tickets to your local gallery opening and get to know your new partner-in-crime over hors d’oeuvres and art. The air signs (especially Libra) appreciate the aesthetic appeal of the location and the smart conversation that it inspires. You bring the glamour, they bring the insight. It’s a glittering combination that leaves you both with stars in your eyes. Don’t be surprised if you’ve already achieved power couple status by the end of the night!

Virgo | Adult shop

If you really want to get to know someone, you’re going to have to broach a few taboo subjects eventually. Yes, you can be shy at first, but a visit to an adult shop can be a great icebreaker! This gives you an opening to talk about everything from your naughty likes and dislikes to intimacy on a deeper level. Go with a water sign friend (especially Scorpio) who can be there for you if you start to feel a little unsure. Note: only do this with someone you can trust! Listen to your intuition and only talk about what you’re comfortable with.

Libra | Adventurous cuisine

Trying something together is a perfect recipe for bonding, so take your new friend out for some delicious cuisine that’s totally new to you both! Whether you opt for spicy Indian food or traditional nigiri, an up-for-anything fire sign (especially Sagittarius) will make the perfect travel guide for your night out. What better starting point for a high-minded friendship than chatting about other cultures and enjoying the differences that make this world a better place? For a great conversation starter, talk about your top five dream travel destinations.

Scorpio | Shop ’til you drop

You’re usually more focused on spirituality than materialism, but for your friendship date, flip that script for a much needed “treat yourself” day. With your most ambitious earth sign friend in tow (probably a Capricorn), shop the stores you’ve always dreamed of being able to afford. Whether it’s a sample sale or a tucked-away boutique, you’ll be as inspired by the conversations you have around career and goals as you are by the beautiful items in your midst. Give yourself an allowance and get yourself a souvenir to remind you of the day.

Sagittarius | Amusement park

For someone like you who’s always upping the ante, what could be better than a larger-than-life visit to an amusement park with your new friend? After you fly high together on a roller coaster or Ferris wheel, indulge in a few shareable sweet treats like cotton candy or funnel cakes. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, a retro photo booth could document the start of an exciting friendship. An air sign (especially Aquarius) will appreciate the relaxed setting and chance to test each other’s limits. Between the two of you, there’s no ride—or conversation—too scary! You’re both fearless.

Capricorn | Psychic reading

Everyone knows you’re a natural skeptic, but for a good time, treat you and your new friend to a psychic reading! The results will give you both plenty to talk about, and you’ll leave with something to commemorate your big day. For best results, bring an intuitive water sign (like Pisces or Scorpio) who can help you navigate your foray into witchy chic. Whether you get your astrology charts read or your auras photographed, it’s definitely going to be an adventure. If you’re lucky, maybe you’ll find out that your burgeoning friendship is written in the stars!

Aquarius | Hit the gym

Hitting the gym with a new friend might not sound like the best meet-up, but when you pair up with a competitive fire sign (like Aries), you can use it as an opportunity for healthy competition that gets both your hearts pumping! Go head to head in a game of squash, race each other in the pool, or unwind in the sauna. No matter what you choose, the endorphins you get from exercising will leave you with fond memories for weeks to come. Even better, see if your new connection wants to make the sessions a regular thing. With each other as accountability partners, you’ll smash your personal bests.

Pisces | Spa day

We all know you have a tendency to push yourself too hard in your career, so for a friendship date that’s both relaxing and energizing, pair up with one of your most hardworking earth sign companions (especially Taurus) and book yourselves a spa day. Facials, pedicures, and wraps nourish your skin as much as it does the bond you’re making with each other! For the full experience, sip on a couple glasses of fizz to really feel as though you’re living a life of luxury.

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