Introducing Bumble’s First Resident Astrologer—and ‘Astrology Tuesdays’ in the App

We at Bumble want to help you find people you’re most compatible with, whether that means you hold the same core values or share an interest, from fitness to wine.

Now, we’re going a step further: looking at how the stars are aligned for you.

We’ve brought our first ever Resident Astrologer, Aliza Kelly, on board to help our community explore the intersection of astrology and compatibility.

Starting July 12, anyone using Bumble in the U.S. will notice an astrology channel within the conversations screen in Bumble’s Date mode. There, you’ll begin receiving weekly curated astrology content for your astrological sign each Tuesday.

Astrology Tuesdays marks Bumble’s latest foray into astrology, but not our first. In 2019, we introduced Zodiac Badges, allowing our community members to list their sun sign directly on their profile. (If you check out Astrology Tuesdays content in the app, you’ll receive complimentary access to the Zodiac Filter each week.)

The Zodiac Badge is one of the most popular worldwide—and, as of May 2022, adding the Badge to your profile could increase your number of average monthly matches, per our U.S. data. And in case you were wondering, Leos on Bumble have been the most lucky in love across the world with the most matches of any star sign, followed by Cancers and Tauruses!