What Your Mercury Sign Reveals About How You Make Friends

by Amelia Quint

There’s nothing quite as special as the precise moment when you click with a new friend — someone you feel like you’ve known all your life, who likes the same music and movies as you do, and who just ‘gets’ you.

While that kind of connection can be hard to find, it doesn’t have to be! Fortunately, your natal chart can reveal some surprising insights into your go-to method of meeting up with and bonding with a potential BFF.

If you want to know how to make friends, it’s all about Mercury, the sign of communication, technology, and social circles. Your Mercury sign explains if you’re an extrovert or introvert, whether you’d rather talk to someone IRL first or slide into their DMs, and what kind of activities you want to do when hanging out with your companions.

For example, a Mercury in Libra person might want to do coffee and talk about music one-on-one, while a Mercury in Aquarius person would probably prefer a big group hangout with lots of photos for the ‘gram.

Not sure what your Mercury sign is? Find out using an online chart calculator like this one or this one. Once you’ve got it figured out, read on to find out what kind of friendship your Mercury sign is looking for!

Mercury in Aries

When it comes to friends, you aren’t afraid to make the first move. You need a challenger — someone who isn’t afraid to call you out when you need it, and vice versa. You thrive when you have an accountability partner and competitor who can motivate you to always perform at your best. For a friend date, try a fun run, fitness class, or dancing during a night out. Be sure your new BFF can handle some playful debate and occasional conflict.

Mercury in Taurus

You’re possessive of your friends, but only because you want only the best and most exclusive things for your crew. Luxury is your love language, and you need a friend who feels the same. Ideal friend date locations are beautiful restaurant and gallery openings. You need consistency in your communication; friends who forget to text back are a no from you. As long as you keep things fresh and don’t fall into a rut, you’re in it for the long haul.

Mercury in Gemini

You’re the most likely to have an actual friend posse, like Sex and the City’s famous foursome or the group from Friends. A true extrovert, you feel alive when you’re in conversation. You see the possibilities in everyone and are thrilled to learn from them. Meet your new BFF at an independent bookstore, cinema, or record shop. Don’t just collect people. Get to know them deeply by being curious and asking lots of questions.

Mercury in Cancer

While you say you’re searching for friendship, you’re really looking for your true family. You want people who will spend the holidays with you, who will be at your milestone events, and who will help you move in a pinch. You’re fiercely protective of your inner circle and would do anything to help if they asked. Ideal friend dates are gourmet picnics and old-school boardwalks. Don’t be afraid to share your emotions. Your BFF will be honored you felt that you could open up to them!

Mercury in Leo

You want friends who can share the spotlight with you and collaborate on your creative projects. You’re always putting on a show, and light up when you find someone who’s willing to play along — or, better yet, perform alongside you. A true extrovert, you’d love to do a first-time meeting at karaoke or a conference. Remember that not everyone is as outgoing as you are, so give them a chance, even if they seem shy at first.

Mercury in Virgo

If you had to choose one word to sum up what you’re looking for in a friend, it’s “care.” It’s pretty simple: you need someone who cares as much as you do about the little things, about others, and about life. You’re an introvert and would prefer a little time as pen pals before meeting up IRL, mostly because you adore learning about potential friends through the written word. When you do finally hang out, do something that shows one of your interests rather than tells.

Mercury in Libra

You’re looking for a friendship soulmate and won’t settle for less. You’ve probably fantasized about having a twin or long-lost sibling, Parent Trap-style. Know that it takes time to build that kind of bond with someone and be willing to invest that if you find someone who inspires you. An cozy, one-on-one coffee or dinner BFF date is the way to your heart. Bonus points if they mention one of your favorite movies, books, or pieces of art.

Mercury in Scorpio

You’re looking for a partner who’ll investigate life’s mysteries with you as one half of a detective team or the ultimate spy duo. If the conversation’s not deep, you’re not interested. You love your secrets, but be careful not to spill the tea too soon or stay so closed off that people think that you mistrust them. That said, potential friends have to respect your need for privacy, especially when it comes to social media. Your perfect friendship date? A ghost tour, or a scary movie!

Mercury in Sagittarius

Your ideal friend is someone you can intellectually spar with, trading witty banter, smart debate, and silly jokes. You love spontaneous hangouts and trips, picking up and traveling to the next city with just a moment’s notice. Your ideal friend date location is a shared Airbnb or hotel lobby. You’re outspoken, but sometimes your straightforward communication style can surprise or even shock some of the other Mercury signs.

Mercury in Capricorn

Your friendship strategy is networking. You love spending time with mastermind groups and in power lunches, chatting about how to increase next quarter’s earnings or nail your next pitch. It’s great to honor the important role work plays in your life, but remember that boundaries are important, too. Take some time to appreciate the friends who aren’t a part of your industry and the unique perspectives they offer!

Mercury in Aquarius

For you, friendship is all about those “I thought it was just me!” moments. You’re used to feeling like an outsider, so when you find someone who shares one of your more eccentric traits or interests, there’s nothing better. Sometimes you’re more comfortable using technology than talking IRL, so reach out online first. From there, plan a BFF date that shows off your smarts, like a trivia night or a local museum!

Mercury in Pisces

You want friendship that’s spiritual. Whether it’s a meditation circle or a journaling group, you need to connect with your BFFs on a level that’s deeper than what meets the eye. You have lots of friends who you feel like you’ve known in a past life. For an amazing friend date, visit a crystal and herb shop and pick out whatever you feel most drawn to. Alternately, go to a concert together and let the music do the talking.