5 Tips to Remember When You’re Back on Bumble After a Breakup

Moving on from a relationship can be pretty painful, no matter how mutual your breakup may have been. What’s sometimes harder than letting go of someone you loved, though, is mustering up the energy, courage, and desire to jump back into the dating game.

Before you even think about firing up Bumble again, take some time for yourself. Watch all the shows, and eat all the pizza. Then start processing. What makes you feel empowered? What does a secure partnership look like to you? This is your chance to start a relationship with exactly the tone you want (and deserve). 

Once you’ve decided you’re ready to relaunch Bumble, follow the 5 recommendations that follow to ensure you’re making the best possible connections — and leaving your breakup behind.

Give Your Profile a Makeover

While you could stage an all-new photoshoot, you can also keep it simple and switch out a few old profile photos for more up-to-date shots. Refresh your bio a bit, too. If you’re wrestling with writer’s block, ask close friends for input. Even the subtlest changes to your profile can make this go-round on the app feel fresh and different.

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Prep a List of Convo Starters

It may sound corny, but compile a list of casual conversation starters and keep it filed away on your phone. You can pull from these anytime you need an icebreaker, which will also prevent you from talking yourself out of making the first move or responding. Ultimately, you’ve got to be gentle with yourself; don’t resist leaning on a small crutch like this when you’ve been out of practice for a while.

Find Someone Different Than Your Ex

Swiping right on people who remind you of your ex is more often than not a recipe for disaster. Instead, make an effort to connect with those you would’ve overlooked before. You have such a unique opportunity to meet a wide array of people on Bumble, so take advantage of it. It’s the perfect time to break old patterns that aren’t useful to you.

Put in the Time, But don’t overdo it

If “bumbling” has become your number one hobby, consider setting a schedule to avoid burnout. For a straight-forward system, try using it just once morning, noon, and night. Why? Setting standard times to get on the app will give you the chance to make the most out of it while without letting it get in the way of your day-to-day responsibilities. No one wants a coworker who can’t stay on focused because they’re too busy swiping.

Date At Your Own Speed

After a breakup, it might feel most natural to set sail on yet another long-term relationship. But we really recommend slowing it down. Dating isn’t a race; you’re free to get to know people at your own speed. If you try to set a record for the amount of first dates possible in a single week, you’ll only overwhelm yourself.  

Remember, it’s okay to still have the feels from your break up. You’re human. You only have to use Bumble — or date at all, for that matter — for as long as it feels comfortable and empowering. The truer you are to yourself, the more confident you’ll be in the connections you make.

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