The Best Date Ideas According to Your Star Sign

By Amelia Quint

If you’re not sure what to do on your next Bumble date, you can look to astrology for guidance! Aligning your date plans with your zodiac sign can help you feel at your most comfortable and have more fun as a result. Ahead, we’ve selected creative date ideas for each star sign so you can impress your match with something new. (Even better, check out your match’s Zodiac Badge on their Bumble profile and read for theirs too.)

Aries | Arcade night

Your competitive spirit is one of your sign’s best qualities, and what better way to show it off than at the arcade? Take turns flexing your skills—and get to know your Bumble match better by chatting about your favorite games as kids. 

Taurus | Chocolate tasting

As a Taurus, you have excellent taste in just about everything. If you’re looking for a partner who can savor the finer things in life with you, try a luxurious chocolate tasting! We’ve all heard of wine and beer tastings as date ideas, but this is a great way to switch things up for a delicious alternative.

Gemini | Comedy show

A smart sense of humor is at the top of your list of must-have qualities in a Bumble match, so a comedy night is the perfect opportunity to make sure they check that box! Plus, laughter is the best way to relax and open up to each other, so you can jump start your connection at the same time. 

Cancer | Visit the aquarium

Your sweet, sensitive water sign loves to spend time in calm spaces, and you can do just that on a trip to the aquarium with your Bumble match. You’ve got a soft spot for the sea and animals, and if you get scared looking at the sharks, it’s a great excuse for you two to hold hands and stay close.

Leo | Go to the fair

When it comes to dating, you want to have the maximum amount of fun, making a carnival your ideal date spot. As a Leo, you’ll love the bright lights and colorful atmosphere—and let’s be honest, there are few places better for a first kiss than the top of a ferris wheel! 

Virgo | Support your local bookstore

Intellectual chemistry is an absolute must for your smart sign, so if you want to learn more about how your date’s mind works, visit a local bookstore together and share your favorite recommendations. If it goes well, you can pick the same book to read and talk about it the next time you meet up.

Libra | Watch the sunset

You’re looking for a love that’s simple and beautiful, and your date idea should match. Instead of going to a complicated class or trying to talk over a big crowd, watch the sunset together. It’s romantic, it’s peaceful, and you’ll both look radiant in the golden hour glow.

Scorpio | Take a yoga class

You want a partner who has a spiritual side and is as committed to their personal growth as you are. A yoga class is a great way to see if they’re open to soulful experiences. You’ll get to let go of tension together, and that relaxed feeling can open you up to start a deeper conversation over a coffee afterward.

Sagittarius | Head to the botanical gardens

You’re wild at heart, and heading out into nature with your Bumble match will feel so much more authentic than a fancy evening out. A local botanical garden provides a romantic date backdrop while feeding your wanderlust. It can feel like an adventure for you and your date to share together, even if it’s just down the road from your usual haunts.

Capricorn | Cook dinner

If you’re looking for a date that’s classic and lets you show off your impressive planning skills, cook your match a five-star dinner. Better yet, make it a team effort! You’ll learn if your work styles are compatible and how they act under pressure—both essential ingredients in compatibility with your sign.

Aquarius | Take a day trip

There are few things more romantic to you than experiencing something new with your Bumble date—so in that spirit, go on a day trip together! You’ll have plenty of time on the way to get to know each other on a deeper level. Plus, visiting sites neither of you have been to before will make for some unforgettable memories.

Pisces | Browse a record store

Your sign is associated with music, and when it comes to romance, flirting and expressing your feelings requires the perfect playlist. Instead of just sending each other links, head to your local record store and browse the vinyl! Get ready to discover a new favorite artist or a track that might just become “your” song.