New Year, New Love: Here’s Your Romance Horoscope for 2019

by Amelia Quint

No matter what your resolutions are for 2019, we could all use a little more love in the new year! It’s the perfect time to bring inspiring new people into your life or to give your existing relationships a reboot, whether they’re with a long-term partner, crush, BFF, or creative soulmate.

What kind of connections are you going to be making over the next 12 months? Read on to find out what kind of love the stars have store for your zodiac sign!

(Here’s a hint: read for both your sun and rising signs to get the most accurate results!)


Your new year’s resolution for love? Be more adventurous! With fortunate Jupiter in your ninth house of expansion, push the edges of your comfort zone and dare to try out a few things on your relationship bucket list. It’s also an amazing influence for long-distance romance, whether that’s traveling with a partner or getting to know someone whose culture is totally different from yours. With dreamy Neptune in the most private sector of your chart, just be sure to schedule in plenty of ‘me time’ to recharge afterwards.


You’re already one of the most sensual signs of the zodiac, so with good luck planet Jupiter in your intimacy zone this year, your powers of attraction will be off the charts. Even better, rebellious Uranus in your sign means you might find yourself drawing in people who are totally different from your usual ‘type,’ so keep an open mind as you’re swiping! That said, hazy Neptune in your friendship sector means you’ll want to make your BFF boundaries super clear from the get-go. Tell your loves what you need, and you’ll get it!


This year, the stars are smiling on your love life! That’s because lucky Jupiter is spending almost all of 2019 in your relationship zone, drawing in people who are totally perfect for you and strengthening connections that are already thriving. It’s a great year to get out and about (or log on and get swiping), because you’re way more likely to match with someone you adore. Saturn in your vulnerability zone will teach you some tough lessons about the importance of opening up the people you love, but the right people will be honored to listen.


Get ready, because the cosmos is going to shake things up in your relationships this year! It’s time for you to make sure the power dynamics are balanced in your partnerships, whether it’s with a lover, BFF, or creative collaborator. Don’t be afraid to stand your ground, even if it means letting a few people go in the process. The good news is that the connections you forge will be so much healthier, emotionally and literally! You’ll have great success meeting new people at the gym, yoga studio, or even a vegan cooking class.


You’ve been working hard with eclipses in your sign for the past two years, but in 2019, it’s time for you to have more fun! Lucky Jupiter in the part of your horoscope that rules romance, creativity, and crushes means you’ll get to enjoy plenty of moments where your heart skips a beat with delight, whether from a new flirtation or an artistic project. Fall in love with the way it feels to live in the moment. With intense Saturn in your health and habits sector, it’s worth it to make enjoyment a daily practice.


This year, you’re totally focused on healing your heart. Thanks to Jupiter, the planet of health and wealth, in your emotions zone all year, you’ll feel more whole than you have in a long time. Starry-eyed Neptune sparks some romantic tension in January, June, and September, but don’t lose sight of what grounds you. As long as you don’t get too swept up in the moment, there’s so much to love about this feeling. Revel in the slow process of getting to know someone new, and give them the opportunity to surprise you.


Your 2019 is going to be sexy. With unconventional Uranus moving into your seductive eighth house on March 6th, your desires might surprise you. If you keep your mind totally open to whatever experience you feel ready and willing to have, the next 12 months are sure to satisfy! It goes without saying that you’ll want to be as emotionally honest with yourself and with your love (or lovers) as possible. Fortunately, Jupiter in your communication zone will make it easy to say whatever you need to say with kindness and charm.


If you’ve been trying to keep the status quo going in your love life for a while, 2019 is the year you finally start fresh. Thanks to wild Uranus moving into your relationship zone on March 6th, you’re looking for something totally new when it comes to partnerships. You’ll attract a smart, unconventional new social circle of people who love you, from BFFs to business partners and more. You’re about to meet your new crew in the most unlikely of places, so keep your heart open wherever you go.


With prosperous Jupiter in your sign for the next 12 months, you’re poised to profit from whatever connections you make! It’s a massive confidence boost and one that’s well deserved, even if foggy Neptune in your emotions zone tries to make you believe otherwise. The antidote? Spend time with people who you admire. With Saturn in your worth zone, you thrive when you bond with people who see what you’re truly all about. Alternate scenario: you fall head over heels for your work. It feels so good to love what you do!


In 2019, your relationships could use more of one essential ingredient: self-care. You’re so hardworking, you rarely stop to realize that you often give so much more than you take. So, do what you do best and add a ‘treat yourself’ day (or three!) to your calendar. You can do this solo, retreating to a luxe hotel or spending money on something you know will make you look and feel good. Or, you can bring your partner in for some joint rest and relaxation! A vacation with your love might be just what the doctor ordered.


You’re the BFF everyone wishes they could have, but is the feeling mutual? This year, put the extra effort into finding a social circle that’s every bit as supportive as you are! Luckily, Jupiter in your groups zone over the next 12 months will attract just the right people into your orbit. The tricky part is figuring out if your feelings for them are something more, since this could also bring a romance that starts off as a friendship, and Uranus in your emotional fourth house could bring up some surprising feelings! Keep an open heart, and you’ll love what comes next.


This July’s eclipse in your romance sector sends you a crush that hits you out of the blue, like lightning! You’re electrified by their presence and it feels so good, even if it’s a little scary at first. You’ll have outspoken Uranus in your communication zone on your side from March 6th, giving you the confidence to tell them how you feel. This is also a great influence for meeting someone online, so hop on the app and get swiping! With romantic Neptune still in your sign this year, there’s no denying your charm.