10 Ways Your Photos Can Help You Get Better Matches

You know that old adage that a picture is worth a thousand words? Well, we think it’s worth more than that: it could help set a life-changing relationship in motion! We never want to see a user miss out because they didn’t put their best face forward in their Bumble profile. Here’s how to keep the door open to great connections by way of the photos you showcase on your profile, no matter the mode you’re on — Date, BFF, or Bizz

how to get better dates

Less is not more

Studies show that profiles with 4 photos or more receive the most matches. But don’t stop there, use all 6 photo slots!

Show your face

It’s hard to reach out to someone you don’t yet know when you can’t see who they are. Remove sunglasses and shake that hair out of the way when taking a profile photo. If pulling from your camera roll, make sure the photos is recent and high-quality. Grainy photos don’t help anyone make any moves.

Better yet, smile

Someone who looks happy also looks receptive to conversation, right? It’s only natural we’d choose to engage with someone showing a friendly demeanor.

Animals are for lovers

Love your dog? Cool. Be sure to include them in a photo, just make sure you’re in it too. Photos without any humans will be removed from Bumble Date.

find the best kinds of friends

Show yourself in action

Often times you’re looking for a friend who shares the same interests as you. Consider including a photo of yourself doing what you’re passionate about whether fishing, painting, dancing, or the like.

Don’t forget solo photos

It’s great to show new friends that you’re dedicated to maintaining friendships, but don’t overload your profile with group photos. Include a few solo shots (again, smile!) to make sure your new BFFs know exactly who you are.

Other important relationships

Similarly, don’t be afraid to share a photo of your family, kids, or pets if you’re looking to attract those in similar life stages. (We still recommend taking a chance on anyone kind and respectful, though!)

Be a boss

Lean towards professional

While you might love to salsa dance on the weekends, your Bizz profile isn’t the best place to say that unless it’s your job. Keep that kind of insight into your personal life on Date or BFF. Here, you’ll want to show your professional prowess with a nice and clean, straightforward headshot.

Use the other photos wisely

Are you a designer? An artist? An executive at a major company? Try using the rest of your photo spaces as a portfolio, posting either your work or the companies you’ve done substantial work for.

Tell a clear story

No matter what photos you upload, make sure they clearly communicate who you are, what you do, and what you’re looking for. Photos are the visual component to the overall story you’re telling, so be sure to use them to create a strong narrative about yourself as a professional.


Verify your profile

Not only does the ‘verified’ icon increase the amount of matches you’ll get, it helps us create and maintain our safe environment. Catfishes don’t stand a chance here.

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